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  • The prices vary depending on the size and the number of the candles/wax lanterns hired.

  • You can always modify the number or the size of the lanterns to suit your budget.

  • An additional €5 + IVA applies per pool candle for weight installation (so the lanterns are anchored and don’t drift out of place).


We offer two options for rental service:

  • Self pick up and return 

  • Rental with our delivery/set up/dismantle/pick up service with an extra cost.

Pool Recommendations

Small pools usually require about 20-25 lanterns (Bowl 25, for example). For bigger pools we recommend approximately 30 -35 lanterns (Bowl 30 or 35, for example). You can also combine the above to reflect your budget and taste.


Source of Light

As a source of light you can either use LED tealights and/or LED candles, which are fire safe, or normal tealights and/or pillar candles.

Set Up & Dismantle Times

Normally we set up the candles around the venue before the guests’ arrival, however, if it is a daytime start and because the candles can melt under direct sunlight, we would set them up around 1 hour before the sunset. Usually there are only 2-3 people doing the job, so you can rest assured you will hardly notice them. We would then leave the candles at the venue overnight and collect them early in the morning around 8am (normally we are provided access to the venue, so there is no need for you to meet us).


For inspiration, please visit our Gallery.

To read our Rental Terms & Conditions, please visit Terms & Conditions.

For prices and package options, please Contact us.

Please send us an enquiry and let our candles fill your event with a magical atmosphere.

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