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Personalised wedding gifts

When planning a wedding a bride and a groom may spend many hours browsing and researching the internet to find inspiration on how to

personalise their wedding decor and provide guests with a sweet little memento to take home once the party is over.

Among all possible unique personalised gifts for guests, there is one that will last for many years and will forever bring back memories of the special day with its romantic light... a personalised wax lantern.

Depending on the available time before the wedding day and budget of the bride & groom, two types of personalisation can be offered:

1. Engraving

- can be made on Square wax lanterns of any size

- approximately €150 - 200 + IVA 21% to produce the branding iron (stamp) for engraving

- about 2.5 - 3 months from date of placing the order until delivery

2. Stickers

- can be applied to Square wax lanterns of 10x10 cm size only

- can be made in any colour

- about 2 weeks from date of placing the order until delivery

We understand how much the little details mean and what a great part they play in once-in-a-lifetime occasions! We'd love to be a part of your perfect wedding day!

Check out the prices of personalised wax lanterns here

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