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Pool decorations in Ibiza

The 2017 summer season of has kicked in and judging by how busy Ibiza is already (it's only the beginning of May), it's going to be a crazy summer.

Opening the season with Paissa d'en Bernat - one of the most gorgeous wedding villa venues with its stunning sunset views - has filled us with a super positive energy to last us through the hectic summer season and with much love to spread around.

Great location, delicious food, attentive and friendly staff... all the things you look for when planning your "Big Day".

No wedding goes without plenty of planning and decision making on the decorations for the venue. Needless to say how important it is for wedding couples to have something unique and extraordinary to make their day truly memorable. Amongst the variety of available options nowadays, pool decoration is definitely something to consider.

Ibiza Candle Shop will always suggest only the best possible arrangements and will always do its best to exceed clients' expectations and stay within their budgets.

As an example, below is a picture of our gorgeous floating pool lanterns glowing in the infinity pool of Paissa d'en Bernat at sunset.

Let's say no more and let you enjoy the beauty of the moment...

Photo: Jon Harper

P.S. For more pictures and inspiration go to our Gallery if you still haven't done so.

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